What We Offer

We are in the early stages of development, but we hope to launch in late 2023. Our vision cannot happen without community, friends and family support. We plan on having in-person fundraisers so look out for those. If you would like to donate you can always go through our website or go fund me page. Any support helps! We plan on opening our facility in phases. Our first phase will be our community space. The community space will be available to the public for the special needs population. Monday through Friday will be a day program. We will also be including events to the public which will include day passes, school trips, and summer camps. Specializing in life skills, and vocational training will be provided for groups or individuals by our trained staff. Fees will accompany these services. Phase two will include a comprehensive housing and supportive living community that will consist of small apartment type units for each resident as well as a separate indoor and outdoor community space. We provide 24/7 care with instruction for independent daily living skills and community activities that will facilitate independence, freedom, and self-determination. Phase three will include outdoor facilities, such as fenced in areas for athletic fields, horticulture, outdoor pavilion, and farming opportunities.

Contact us for more information about services and cost.